Vogtland Mk2 35mm Lowering springs

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Vogtland is a superb brand with a reputation for quality and affordability.

Team Ya'race have been so impressed with the capability of their products that we will be running their suspension on the majority of our competition cars in 2020.

Utilising manufacturing techniques like oil tempered steel, cold-coiling and materials like high tensile strength chrome-silicon you know there's some serious engineering know-how and quality going into every spring. Vogtland reckons their springs should be corrosion resistant and sag-free for years to come. As with any German suspension company you can also rely on the extremely stringent TUV certification process to ensure quality.

Every spring set is carefully tuned for the specific application. Vogtlands many many years of experience translates into ride quality that is difficult to match even by more expensive brands.

A mixture of linear and progressive rate springs are used according to the specific requirements of the chassis. Spring rates are carefully calibrated for the engine and spec of the car they have been listed for.

Unless otherwise stated in the fitting notes, all spring kits have been designed to work with standard shocks.

Fits Mk2 Yaris, not 1.8Sr.

Lowers 30mm

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