About us

Team Ya'race was started by thethe thenthen Team managing director Neal at the back end of 2018. Neal had aa racingracing incident his previous sprint car and needed an affordable methodmethod of getting back into motorsportMotorsport . Having taken part in the Toyota Sprint series for a number of years "we had noticed the drivers having the most fun were the ones using the lower powered cheapest cars on competition list." As such we started looking for a cheap 1.3 or 1.5 Yaris. We eventually found a 1.3 that was well within our budget leaving some money aside for tuning the handling.

We struggled to find the range of parts we wanted at first so started asking round the other competitors in the sprint series. In doing so we started to increase our knowledge about the cars and also attracted the attention of Steve a fellow competitor . after a few chats Steve joined the team and has been an integral part of our development.

Originally run as a two driver squad with other drivers joining through the 2019 season. We ended 2019 with 10 drives on the grid all participating under our banner.

2020 has seen the expansion of the team take a leap forward with the addition of 2Racing our new Mazda brand. We have 3 confirmed drivers ready to start the season with us.

The idea for the shop you are visiting came about by our struggling to find the parts we needed and for the most part what we could get was not of the standard we have been used to in our previous sprint car. As such we started approaching manufactures and asking if they would be willing to supply parts built to the specifications we would provide. These parts are what you see in the shop.

We are doing our best to cater for all models of Yaris with plans to support other models in the future


The Founding member and now the principle director of the team. Neal's background is as a health and safety professional but is happiest when behind the wheel of a car. Neal's role is to keep the team organised and business moving.


Steve is the creative mind of the team. He is the man with the vision to see how the cars can be improved and provide the technical information to our manufactures as we work to develop a greater range of tailored parts


Joined Team Ya'race over a year being very passionate about his Yaris and being supportive with the team from the beginning . Loves to work on his car as he is a trained mechanic on his day. Never to shy of any work on the car loves a challenge

Our story

2019 was our first full competitive year. All things considered it has been a great success. The team won its class at every round and bagged 14 trophies in total. We aim to build on this success and bring new drivers into the fold in 2020.

With the onset of the Covid19 pandemic the 2020 season has been delayed but the time has not been wasted as we have three new car builds underway which have now been given additional time to perfect. Next will be testing and then we are straight into competition.

Looking to the future we are currently invetigating the ption to participate in UK Time Attack int 2021 which will bring a new set of regulations and challenges .

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